personality development

to what extent is personality stable versus changing across the lifespan? how do people’s personalities change?

>> Atherton, O.E., Donnellan, M.B., & Robins, R.W. (2020). The development of personality across the lifespan. In P.J. Corr & G. Matthews (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Personality Psychology, 2nd ed (pp. 169-182). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


what is self-regulation? how does it develop? how do we cultivate more of it? when and why is it beneficial versus costly, and in what contexts?

>> Serrano, S., Atherton, O.E., Robins, R.W., & Damian, R.I. (in press). Whose self-control development suffers or benefits in the face of adversity? A longitudinal study of Mexican-origin youth followed from age 10 to 16. European Journal of Personality.

quantitative methods

how can we study personality and health to build a more replicable and generalizable science? what does it mean to study psychological phenomena in the longterm – across weeks, months, years, decades, periods, and generations?